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We adhere to strict ISO 17100:2015 guidelines and we strive to achieve the highest standards, even when deadlines are tight. Any translation process involves three steps:


by a professional linguist with proven credentials in the relevant area, from degrees to decades of experience

Editing / proofreading

by subject matter expert

Final QA

by quality supervisor before final delivery to the client

Urgent/high-volume projects

Do you think that translating 100k+ words over the weekend while maintaining high quality is impossible? We are here to prove the opposite.

If needed, we can arrange for urgent and rush translation, including same-day (overnight) delivery.

Consistency of terminology is maintained with CAT tools. Our software enables dozens and even hundreds of geographically dispersed translators to use the same terminology and termbases and update them in real time. This ensures uniform quality of the final text, regardless of the project size.