High-profile clients

Over the years, we have worked with:

  • Top law firms
  • Investment banks
  • Financial services providers
  • Multinationals

Proven experience with:

  • LCIA/ICSID/ICC arbitration documents
  • Court transcripts, witness statements
  • Big Four accounting documents
  • Expert reports
  • Shareholder agreements
  • IPO roadshow presentations
  • Feasibility studies


Industry experts

We have years of hands-on experience with complex legal and financial documents and know how things are worded in your industry. We know what a Rule 144A Offering means without googling it.

Over the years, we have compiled specialised glossaries for law, finance, IT/telecom, mining, oil and gas, energy, aviation, and the automotive industries.
Very few agencies that have this kind of experience can still deliver hundreds of pages per day.

Team of specialists

We have specialists with decades of Big 4 experience and former lawyers among our translators and editors, who are experts in UK, US, German, Swiss, Cypriot, and Russian law, so we really know what we’re talking about.
These seasoned professionals are located around the world, so there are skilled linguists available to work on your projects 24 hours a day.

Local expertise

We are physically located in Europe, with partners in the US.
We operate from Europe and serve companies all over the world. This allows us to stay lean, efficient, work 24/7 and remain extremely competitive in terms of pricing. Give us a try!

Work with legal and financial translation specialists to maintain your hard-earned reputation.